Our Hygiene Procedures

COVID-19 Protection Policy

As a surgical practice, we already maintain extremely strict hygiene procedures and infection control to protect both our patients and staff. These procedures include:

  • We adhere to strict disinfection and sterilisation cleaning protocols.
  • We use a hospital grade disinfectant.
  • We mop the whole practice daily.
  • In our consultation and surgery rooms, we disinfect all surfaces between patients.
  • We provide alcohol hand sanitiser on our reception desk for all patients to use.
  • All instruments are sterilised (or single use) for every patient.
  • All of our staff wear the appropriate protective equipment.
  • We wash our hands thoroughly before and after every patient.
  • Our front reception is cleaned and tidied between patient visits; including wiping all surfaces such as chairs, reception desk and door handles.
In light of COVID-19, we are now also screening patients before they visit the practice by asking the following:
  • Have you travelled outside of Australia? We will not make an appointment for a minimum of 14 days from the day you returned.
  • Have you experienced any flu-like symptoms? We will not be able to make an appointment with you until you have been tested for COVID-19 or until 14 days after you have recovered from your symptoms.
  • For additional in-practice protection; we are also temperature checking all patients on arrival.
  • Patients are no longer allowed to bring a support companion to wait for them in the waiting room.
  • With the above precautions, if you still do not wish to wait for your appointment in our waiting room, please let us know, so you can wait outside and we will call you to let you know when the doctor is ready to see you.

We are confident that this policy, along with our already stringent hygiene procedures will protect your health and safety when you visit the practice.

We would also like to thank all of our patients in advance for their understanding and co-operation on this matter.